What is the character of your fans?

Our Fans are manufactured by the following parts:

Housing: – AM DC fan housing is produced by the plastic material, which specification is UL94V-O, ingredient PBT + 30% GF black, with different sizes, four holes are usually easy installation styles. – Most AC fan housing are aluminum alloy. while EC fan can have both aluminum alloy and plastic housing for your choosing. Impeller: – most fans are made of plastic material. while some one needs aluminum impeller that is also acceptable to us. Rotary: – most Rotary axis in a counter-clockwise direction running. while if you need, we can make it in clockwise direction running or running in both directions. Bearings: – we have  dual ball bearing, sleeve bearing and hydraulic bearing fan for your choose. PC board: – The fan has a built-in PC board to play a central control, and its role is to keep the fan running. There are special features like alarms and speed sensors, these features can be added to the PC board after the detection of normal operating conditions. Wire : – DC fans and AC fans have been used to connect the power supply leads. The standard length is 12 inches or 7 inches. Due to the specific application involved, the customer may specify the length of the lead. Connector: – Please check another document for your connector choose.  

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