AC 17238

Size: 172*150*38mm
Motor wires: 100% pure copper motor wires
Bearing: Ball
Weight: 1000g
Safety: Impedance Protected
Technical characteristics

Item code: AC 17238

Housing: Aluminum Alloy, Painted Black

Impeller: Thermoplastic PBT, UL94V-0

Lead Wire: UL 1007 AWG#22

Termination: Lead wire, no connector

Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +80℃ for Ball Type

Performance Parameter
Model Bearing System Rated Voltage Frequency Rated Current Rated Input Power Rated Speed Air Flow Air Pressure Noise Level
V AC Hz Amp Watt RPM CFM MmH2O dBA
AM17238MB1 Ball 110-125 50/60 0.36/0.50 30/50 2400/2800 192/228 10/13 60/65
AM17238MB2 Ball 200-240 50/60 0.18/0.28 30/50 2400/2800 192/228 10/13 60/65
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